TNT – The News Team began as a voluntary after-school project in 1990 and has developed over the years into a respected news website.
It produces regular video news programmes for local schools and the community. Children research, write scripts, film and edit these news programmes about what is happening in their local community.  The young people involved use this media format to learn and to contribute to community life.
The films are shown at local residents’ meetings, council ward meetings, community centres and in schools. The city council’s Ladywood Ward meetings always begin with a DVD news presentation from TNT – the only ward in the city where this happens. The filming project helps to collect and record children’s and adults’ views and is used as a tool to prompt discussion at consultation meetings. The films also provide the council with an excellent opportunity to keep the local community up-to-date with the work that is being done in the area.

Over the years projects have won numerous awards and been held up as examples of good practice, featuring on tv and radio-from Central News through to Channel 4 and Blue Peter. Articles about projects have appeared in wide range of printed publications.