Doorstep History Programme 37 – June 2018

This edition of Doorstep History comes to you from Spring Hill Library as it celebrates another birthday, a magnificent 125 years. Look out for our 'Construction Reconstruction!' Also in this programme, we are with Queen Victoria as she visits Birmingham to see her statue being given a clean-up and we look back 75 years to [...]

HMS Hood sunk 75 years ago

This week sees the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the navy's biggest ship in WWII, HMS Hood. It was sunk by the Bismark on 24 May 1941 and that ship was attacked and sunk three days later. There were a number of men from the West Midlands on board the Hood and they are commemorated [...]

WWII Dornier

A German WWII Dornier aircraft is being cleaned up after it was lifted from the seabed. A former Ladywood schoolboy , Ken Collins, recalls seeing a Dornier over Spring Hill, Ladywood in 1940.

Memories of Evacuation

75 years ago this month war broke out and thousands of children were evacuated from Birmingham to villages in the countryside. Here are a few memories of former Ladywood children about the events of August and September 1939.

70th Anniversary of D Day

70 years ago this month thousands of troops stormed the beaches of northern France to begin the invasion which eventually led to the end of World War II. TNT visited one of the historic beaches, known as Gold Beach, at Arromanches, and discovered the remains of a temporary harbour can still be seen today.

The strange story of the Clonakilty Monkey

The strange story of the Clonakilty Monkey

In April 1943 an American bomber crashed landed near Clonakilty on the south west coast of Ireland. The crew and their mascot were saved. The mascot was a monkey and it became a local celebrity. Now a statue has been unveiled to remember the events of 70 years ago.

Search for relatives of sunken sub crew ends in Ladywood!

A Ladywood man has been identified as being a member of crew on a Dutch submarine that sank off Norway in 1940. A major exploration is underway to find the wreck of the submarine O13. TNT has been invited to a wreath laying ceremony on a Royal Dutch Navy vessel in July.

Ladywood man who survived crash in Lancaster bomber

This month is the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raid. TNT met a Ladywood man, Ron Needle, who was a rear gunner in a Lancaster bomber which flew on similar raids across Germany. He survived a wartime crash and later met up with the people who rescued him from his burning plane.